Grafting is a way to guarentee the fruit/nut of a tree is identical to its parent tree.  Grafting involves taking a limb/bud (scionwood) from the parent tree and placing it on a tree of the same type. The rootstock provides support and nutrients to the limb on the parent tree. This is explained in more detail under the grafting tab.


Pecan Scionwood

I graft pecan trees as a hobby. I have found it is difficult to get a lot of unique varieties of Pecans. Over the last 30 years I have tried many varieties and am offering to sell scionwood from the more popular varities.  The list of varieties that I have is shown below. If you are interested in ordering  scionwood,  please click the order form below.  This is a hobby so I only take personal checks or money orders. (No Credit Cards)   


List of varieties

Barton Mohawk*
Choctaw*  Pawnee
Fortkert Posey - Limited Availability
Gray King Stark Southern Giant
Gray Tex Stark Surecrop
Major* Mandan - Not available this year
Maramec* Kanza - Not available this year
Gloria Grande - Limited Availability Cape Fear - Limited Availability
Stuart* Hican - James
Mahan * Recommended/Most Popular



Pecan Scionwood

Cut and Waxed Scion Wood